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Skipskop Wine Range

Click on the wine to find out more about each one:

Skipskop Sauvignon Blanc  |  Skipskop Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Skipskop Semillon 'En Barrique' (Coming Soon)  Skipskop JdT Blend  |  Skipskop Classic Red Blend

Skipskop Sangiovese (Coming Soon)  |  Skipskop Fortified Muscat

Skipskop Sauvignon Blanc - Skipskop Wines.jpg
Skipskop Sauvignon Blanc


Clean, edgy, Sauvignon but without the excess of gooseberries found in most Southern Hemisphere Sauvignons.


More restrained Sancerre style making it the ideal partner for sea bass, goats cheese, or steamed asparagus.

Skipskop Sauvignon Blanc Semillon


We take the same Sauvignon but add in some early-picked Semillon to create this dry, Graves-style, blend.


It exhibits a little more texture and dry honeycomb notes in contrast to the straight Sauvignon Blanc.

Skipskop Sauvignon Blanc Semillon - Skipskop Wines.jpg
Skipskop JdT Blend - Skipskop Wines.jpg
Skipskop JdT Blend


An adventurous blend of Sangiovese, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, and Nebbiolo where each component contributes to the whole.

Raspberry, sour cherry, spice, and redcurrant. An easy ‘drink with anything’ red and very Mediterranean food friendly.

Skipskop Classic Red Petit Verdot


A blend of two vintages and aged in French oak for up to 2 years to give a more classical "Old World" feel.

This little known Bordeaux grape displays dark currant fruit and fine tannins. Perfection with a beef sioloin.

Skipskop Classic Red - Skipskop Wines.jpg
Skipskop Muscat Blanc Skipskop Wines.jpg
Skipskop Fortified Muscat Blanc
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